Vasanth Paul Photography
With precision we progress!


I am an artist born and raised in India, living and working in cosmopolitan New York, a city with its varied languages, people and cultural traditions. New York City is quintessential contemporary city with a rich mixture of culture. Like NYC, visual culture by itself is mixed. Multiple mediums and forms are interconnected, fashion, music, art , architecture and design.

As an Indian photographer, working in NYC, I draw influences and combine elements, which are rooted in eastern and western traditions. My transnational life makes me a walking example, through occupying multiple cultural spaces while producing a third kind, which borrows from both , but becomes a new form by its own.
I believe no culture exists or develops in isolation. Challenging ideas of self-contained cultural purity, and western cultural dominance that “ The idea that cultural influence is a one way street’> I re-emphasize the relationship between photography and paintings, revisiting the history of photography as the drive to fix an image on a plate.

I combine elements from eastern and western visual cultural traditions. I incorporate poses and gestures derived from significant eastern and western art history, paintings sculptures and carvings.
I always believe in the fact that, "Unless you know where you come from, you'll never know where you're going" and my work tries to emphasize on that.

-Vasanth Paul B